Crystals are beautiful, but did you know they each have their own powerful vibration? Through thoughtful configurations of space, and working with sacred geometry + numerology, you can make practical magic with crystals through gridding.

A crystal grid is defined as a series of stones placed in a mindful way with a specific intention. The grid can be any size and utilize any crystal – the possibilities are truly endless! An easy and affordable way to create a grid is to work with small points and tumbled stones, matching the properties of the stones with the intention you set for the grid.

Step 1: Set your Intention

Before you grab your crystal collection, decide the intention for your grid. Are you asking in prosperity? Send strength to those in need of support? Your intention for your grid not only sets the tone for the stones you choose, but also informs the directions they face and how you place them.

Step 2: Gather your Crystals

Now gather your supplies. Choose crystals that align with your intention (i.e. citrine for prosperity, blue kyanite for balance, bloodstone for healing) and anything else you want to add to your grid. It doesn’t have to be strictly crystals! Herbs, flowers, seashells, snakeskin, and other natural objects can bring great power and intensity to your crystal grid, as long as they are in line with your intention (i.e. roses for love, snakeskin for transformation, bay for prosperity). Note: your grid doesn’t need a formal etched wooden board to be powerful – they are completely optional!

How many crystals you work with depends on your collection, your space, and the goal for your grid. Typically, a center point or sphere is the anchor for your grid’s energy, but even this is optional if you choose a different layout. Have your connection to numerology in mind as you gather your materials, and remember to grab a wand or selenite/quartz point to tie your grid together (more on that below).

3. Clear a Space

Your grid will be most powerful if placed in a sacred spot, away from animals or natural distractions. An ideal location is one where you pass by it every day, can speak to it or pray over it, and where it is out of the reach of pets and small children. Smudge it every few days, or incorporate candle magic into your work with the crystals. Fire is transformative and uplifting, helping keep the energy of the grid alive.

4. Create Your Grid

Choose a quiet time and space where you can cleanse your crystals, your hands, and your space before creating the grid. Be sure to devote enough time to creating your grid so that you do not need to rush – crystals are lovely, but your intention and focus are the most important keys to your magic!

Once you’re ready, program your crystals by holding them in both hands, closing your eyes, and holding them to your heart or third eye. Ask them (out loud!) to be of service to you for the intention or goal you seek. Be clear that their work is for the highest and greatest good of all.

Next, place your crystals in their formation in a clockwise motion, beginning with the center stone. You can sing or chant over your grid as you make it, keeping your intention and goal in mind as you place the smaller pieces around the center point. A great starter grid is one with four “arms” moving outward from the center stone, like the spokes on a wheel. Four is a stabilizing number, and this method calls in the energy of the four directions (North, East, South, West). But you can have 3, 5, or more “arms,” or none at all – build your grid intuitively and work with what you have.

When your stones are in place, hold your wand in your dominant hand and connect them. Starting with the center point, gently touch each stone with your wand or selenite point, returning each time to the center stone. Call upon their properties and speak out loud as you ask them for their service. This is the process of activating your grid, and ties the crystals energies together for the joint purpose.

When you have competed this process with every stone in your grid, it is active and working! Leave your grid up for as long as you feel is right – one to four weeks is a lovely amount of time, depending on the grid’s purpose. Speak to your grid each day and connect with its energy. When you feel it is time to take it down, reverse the process above, deactivating your grid by releasing the crystals from their service (say this part out loud, too!). Once complete, cleanse your crystals and thank them for their service. Put the crystals away, and keep them clean until next time!

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