Museum Quality Moldavite (Gem Show, 2018)

Moldavite is perhaps the most metaphysically intriguing gemstone on the planet. And what’s most unique about it is that it is not born of this planet like most of our gemstones – this dark green space glass is the physical remnant of a meteor colliding with earth some 15 million years ago in what we now know as the Czech Republic. Shards of space glass littered the impact area, and have been collected by miners in select locations, by farmers, landowners and pedestrians ever since. Today, most moldavite is found (not officially mined) on private land and sold to private collectors who then distribute it at gem shows and among the gem and mineral communities. Large specimens are increasingly rare, and this precious extraterrestrial glass “crystal” can carry a hefty price tag, as it is weighed by the gram.

Metaphysically speaking, moldavite is considered a stone of rapid spiritual awakening and growth. It is highly transformative and will catapult the keeper’s life into great change. There are endless stories of change and upheaval to one’s life when they invite moldavite in – big moves, new jobs, changes in relationships, losses, surprising gains. Even the tiniest piece of moldavite can be incredibly impactful – so powerful in fact, that the sensation of holding it for the first time has earned the name “The Moldavite Flush,” because the hand holding it becomes warm and tingly.

Moldavite is not for everyone. Not everyone is ready or willing for rapid spiritual change. Not everyone wants their lives turned upside down. Those who are intrigued by it quickly become enraptured with its presence and keep it near them always. Because of its extraterrestrial origins, those who believe they originate with other star systems say that being near moldavite feels like going “home.” Most who work with it need to do so slowly – starting with smaller pieces and working up to larger pieces, as it has a reputation for being physical nauseating! Sleeping with moldavite is believed to enhance astral projection, and meditating with moldavite has the potential to open pathways to new depths of one’s practice. But a word of caution: moldavite is easily and often faked in the mineral market. Be very careful when purchasing moldavite for this reason, and source from a reputable seller. Once in hand, take it slowly and use great personal awareness and discernment as you become accustomed to working with it. It pairs well with Rose Quartz, Phenacite, Tanzanite, and Smoky Quartz, depending on your purpose.