Clear Quartz Carved Dorje (Vajra)

In Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist traditions, the Dorje (in Tibetan) or Vajra (in Sanskrit) represents the “thunderbolt of enlightenment,” that sudden shift in human consciousness where we remember who we are, when we awaken from the dream that is life. This moment is encapsulated into the sacred shape you see here.

Its name translates to “weapon,” “diamond,” “scepter,” or “ray,” because this divine form is believed to cut through negative influences and the distractions of human life to usher in true compassion, wisdom and understanding of two truths. The Relative Truth is what we would call our daily, muggle lives – what we see before us. The Absolute Truth is the state of being in union with all things. Learning the distinction between the two is key to spiritual growth.

Along with the Bell, which represents the feminine of the inevitable duality, the Dorje is an indispensable ritual tool worked with in ceremony and representing the balance between the masculine and feminine. Working with both is to incorporate and understand the ultimate spiritual dynamic.