Our shop may be new, but our love of crystals, gems and minerals is not. Each of us come from a long line of "rockhounds" - from stone diggers, jewelry makers, cab cutters, or simply crystal collectors, the mineral world has featured heavily in our lives and relationships with the very important people closest to us. Recently, our oldest daughter rekindled our connection to the mineral world when she asked for a Red Jasper Sphere for her 3rd birthday. Watching her relationship with gems and minerals has been eye-opening: she seeks out certain stones to give her courage, asks for other stones when she wants to help calm herself, and tells us wonderful stories about how she communicates with the stones (I especially love to hear about how her crystals "laugh" and are "funny"!). Whether you believe she has an overactive imagination or a true connection with the crystals, she can teach us all a beautiful lesson: stones are not just stagnant pieces of rock. They carry with them powerful energies that can influence us in beneficial ways. After all, crystals and their power have been harnessed by humans throughout history for a variety of uses (whether metaphysical, or religious, or for use in electronics and other tools). And they are tools for us to project and mirror our emotions, giving us the opportunity to work on healing and growth (physical or spiritual), or to just enjoy their beauty in our homes. 

At Crystal Lion Gems, we believe that each person is called to a particular stone for a reason. Some people say the stone chooses you! Watching our daughters, we have marveled at the way they don't hesitate to connect with a particular gem. Likewise, we encourage you to follow your heart + intuition when choosing stones for your collection. When they call to you, you'll know it! 

In the meantime, we see our shop as a "crystal foster home" of sorts - we love and care for them until they find their way to you! They are cleansed in the mountain spring water that feeds our home, and smudged with organic white sage (Native American grown and sustainably harvested), as we do with each of our personal stones, ready for your energy and service when they get to you. While each stone is in our care, it becomes an extension of our family*, and when you purchase a stone from our shop, you become an extension of that family as well!

With love,

*Rest assured, the kids are never permitted to handle stones that are listed in the shop for sale :)