Sustainable in Every Way

Treading lightly on the environment is one of the core tenets behind the Crystal Lion – we aim to show respect and reverence for our planet Earth and her inhabitants in all ways. To us, that means eliminating the use of plastic and opting for sustainable packing supplies. Every Crystal Lion parcel shipped out to you is guaranteed to be comprised of recycled, recyclable, and/or biodegradable packing supplies or a combination thereof. Always. We believe crystals can be shipped carefully and safely with natural or recycled materials. We never buy new plastic. We source from manufacturers who have similar visions and aim to provide biodegradable and recyclable packing supplies. We also recycle whenever and wherever possible – so you may see repurposed packing materials in your parcels (such as clean newspaper). Even our packing tape and shipping labels are biodegradeable! Shop with confidence knowing that the Crystal Lion honors the Earth in every way.

Giving Back

We donate a portion of every Crystal Lion live sale to a reputable organization, group, or cause in need. We strive to support organizations that directly benefit marginalized populations, POC, indigenous groups around the world, the LGBTQ community, animal rights, and those working toward environmental advocacy. You can view the list of organizations we’ve given to in the highlights reel of our Instagram profile. We welcome suggestions and always want to hear what is important to you, so please let us know who you’d like to see donations go to next!