LIONHEART is on summer break! We'll resume in September 2021. Please email us if you'd like to purchase previous months to catch up!

The Crystal Lion may be known for its crystals, but LIONHEART is here to take us far beyond collecting minerals. LIONHEART is about returning to ourselves and to the sacred connection we share with the world around us, including but certainly not limited to our crystals. In this online healing curriculum, we’ll explore how we can:

  • Take a holistic and honest approach to healing, both personally and collectively
  • Mindfully work with the natural world through energy work, plant medicine, animal guides, and more. 
  • Move through the chaos of today’s world from a grounded and heart-centered place, encompassing everything from taking care of our physical bodies to showing up in our communities with integrity and courage. 
  • Deepen our spiritual lives through a variety of approaches, joined by guest speakers and experts in the fields of Tarot, Herbalism, Bodywork, and more.

 Click on a listing above to learn more about our focus for the current month and how you can join. We’d love to see you there! 

xox Kristina

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