Whether they are simply home decor or you actively work with them in a spiritual practice, your crystals accumulate energy. Sometimes this is energy you want, like the “programming” you place on a crystal when you ask it to do a certain job. But most of the time your crystals will absorb energy from people, animals, and emotions in the space. Over time their energy can grow stagnant and their vibrancy can dull, so regularly cleansing is important! The elements of our world (fire, water, air, and earth) are amazing natural cleansers for your crystals.

Here are Kristina’s Top Five methods of crystal cleansing:


Smoke is the most popular way to cleanse crystals. This process works with the of burning herbs or resins, historically called “smudging” in many traditions. Salvia Apiana, also known as White Sage, and Palo Santo, a holy wood from South America, are favorites, but many herbs are safe to use. Each of these herbs have different properties associated with them and are safe to burn, such as dried rosemary and lavender. Natural incense and resins, like copal or frankincense, are wonderful smoke cleansers as well. These all have the added benefits of purifying and cleansing your body and sacred space as well. Waft the smoke with a feather or ritual fan, and be sure to smudge all around each crystal. Always keep windows or doors open for indoor smudging and take fire precautions.


Natural water sources bring a feminine, prosperous energy to your crystals and can double as being physically cleansing. If you have a natural source near you, such as a river, spring, or the ocean, water is an incredible cleanser. Just remember to use this method only on water-safe stones and crystals.


Any musician or music lover will tell you: sound is an incredible healer. To cleanse your crystals using sound, you can play a singing bowl or tuning fork, ring a bell, or sing to them. In a pinch, you can simply clap your hands with intention, clearing stagnant energy and awakening your crystals (spiritual life hack: clapping is a great way to break up the stagnant energy of a room or space as well!).


Salt is an potent purifier, one of the most powerful tools of a magician or priestess, and one of the most critical minerals for our bodies. We know that taking salt baths rejuvenates and heals our bodies – it’s true for our crystals, too! Use this method to cleanse only salt-safe crystals, such as silicates (quartz family). Fill a bowl with salt, and place your stones in it overnight. This is a great way to cleanse many tumbles at once. Also place a small offering bowl of salt on your altar to keep the energy fresh.


One of the least discussed methods for cleansing your crystals is the use of earth – their home for millions of years! With this method, you simply return your crystal to the earth for a short time. First, wrap your crystal with a natural cloth, such as cotton or silk. Then, bury your crystal in a potted plant or house plant for several days to a month. The cloth helps you locate the crystal when it’s time to unearth it. If you choose to bury your crystal directly into the earth to cleanse it, be sure to mark it with a garden stake, as the elements can shift ground in just a season.

What about Charging?

Sometimes your crystals need a boost, but not a complete cleanse – we call this “charging” a crystal. There are several ways to charge your crystals and re-awaken their natural energies: selenite, a salt-based mineral, is incredibly gentle and high vibrational. Place your crystal on a selenite plate or stick overnight to recharge. The full and new moon are powerful times on the calendar, and can bring a potent energy to your crystals. Lay them under the light of the moon on these designated nights, but be sure to bring them in when the sun is up if they are photosensitive. Stones such as larimar can fade dramatically when exposed to bright sunlight. Finally, you can anoint certain crystals with essential oils, marrying the energetic properties of plant medicine through their oils with crystals for your magical work.

Cleansing your crystals is an easy way to awaken them, enliven them, and stay connected to their vibration. Treat them as you would any sacred tool, a devoted companion, and they’ll serve you well for years to come.

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